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COVIDSafe Plan

Range Rover Club of Australia – Victorian Branch Inc.

Updated 22 April 2022


This COVIDSafe Plan complies with the Victorian Government’s Community Sport and Recreation COVIDSafePlan Guidelines and their current COVIDSafe settings.

The current COVIDSafe settings can be viewed at:


Updating this Plan

This Plan is to be updated each time the Victorian Government reviews its COVIDSafe settings andwhen restrictions and public health advice change.The current settings were reviewed on 22 April 2022.

Availability of the Plan

The Club does not have to lodge this Plan with the Victorian Government; however, it may be required to provide the Plan toan authorised officer of the Government upon request, orin the eventof a confirmed positive case at a Club activity.

The Plan is to be sharedwith participants, volunteers, organisersand members, who need to be familiar with this Plan. A link to the Plan shall be put on the home page of the website as well as on emails sent to participants when registering for Club activities.

Principles of a COVIDSafe Plan

Ensure physical distancing

The Clubshould ensure participants, volunteers and organisers are 1.5 metres apart as much as possible.

Wear a face mask

Wearing masks is not required for Club events but is recommended when physical distancing is difficult.

Practisegood hygiene

The Clubshouldprovide hand sanitiser for use by members attending indoor Club events and for instructors when they are required to travel in the car with participants during training.

Keep records and act quickly if participants, volunteers or organisers become unwell

The Club shall keep records of all people who enter a venue or facility for a Club activity for more than 15 minutesfor contact tracing.This does not include passive users of open parkland and recreational spaces.

Members must support participants, volunteers and organisers, who need to cancel from an event, to get tested and stay home even if they only have mild symptoms.

If a Club activity participant tests positive for COVID within seven days of the conclusion of the activity, the participant is required to notify the Trip Leader and the Events Coordinator, who shall co-ordinate notifying the other trip participants and suggest testing.

Participants can read Checklist for COVID contacts for full information on social and workplace contacts.

Once participants have been notified, they must:

Use a rapid antigen test if they have symptoms, or a PCR test if they can’t access a rapid antigen test.

If they don't have symptoms, they are strongly recommended to use rapid antigen tests every day for five days.

If they test positive on a rapid antigen test, participants must report their result and isolate for seven days (https://www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/report).

The Department of Health will not tell social and workplace contacts this information. It’s up to the Club to take this important action to protect your friends, colleagues and family.

Avoid interactions in enclosed spaces

Members should minimise the amount of time spent in enclosed spaces, such as entrances, foyers andtoilets.

When operating in enclosed spaces, enhance airflow by opening windows and doors and optimising fresh air flow in air conditioning systems.

Vaccination requirements

Members are no longer required to show vaccination status nor have two doses to attend Club activities.


Travel within Victoria

The guidelines in Section Four apply.

Interstate travel

It is the responsibility of any member planning an interstate Club trip to familiarise themselves with the current COVID-19 restrictions and reporting requirements in the destination States through which they wish to travel.

As part of their Trip application, they shallprepare an appropriate COVIDSafe Plan for those areas and advise the Events Co-ordinator of the Plan. 

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