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RRCV Tail End Charlie Procedures

Tail End Charlie’ - The person nominated to take up the rear position in the convoy on a trip.  Nobody should drop behind TEC’s vehicle.

Probably the most misunderstood and underrated job in group activities.

The Trip Leader (TL) LEADS the group, but ‘Tail End Charlie’ (TEC) CONTROLS the group.

TEC procedures are part of the Convoy procedures - you can download them here.


    • Safety of the group and to maintain the integrity of the group.
    • Assist the TL in making the activity enjoyable for all, building confidence of individuals and the group.
    • Assist the TL in monitoring the group and the environment, conservation and environmental awareness, the elements, emergencies and conflicts, navigation, communication, risk perception and risk management.


    • Be the ‘eyes’ of the TL and the ‘voice’ when necessary.
    • Assist the TL in practical planning considerations and problem solving, supporting and assisting the TL according to the trip plan and manage any incident or emergency strategy if the TL becomes injured or incapacitated.

Commencement of the Trip at the Meeting Place:

    • Monitor UHF radio during the TL’s trip briefing at Meeting Place and advise the TL of any ‘late arrival’ messages received.
    • Assist the TL to leave the Meeting Place in a timely manner.

During the Trip:

    • Vehicles ‘marking corners’ - assist the TL with convoy procedure, advising the ‘marking’ vehicle over the radio to proceed when safe, when all vehicles other than TEC have passed. Note – ‘marker’ does not move until advised.
    • Advise the TL if one or part of the group is delayed on track for whatever reason or situation i.e. keep the TL informed of the progress or delays of the group.
    • Provide the TL with regular information on the progress (or delays) of the rear of the convoy i.e. ‘all left camp’, ‘all turned off highway’, ‘all back on the bitumen’, ’all group crossed the (named) River’. This is to keep the TL informed at all times of the ‘strung out’ position of all vehicles and to assist the TL in calculating the length and ‘time’ of the convoy.
    • TEC ensures gates are left open or closed as found by the lead driver (TL).
    • Provide the TL with information on the movement of other vehicles i.e. another vehicle overtaking the convoy from the rear (TEC may need to advise the group to pull over when safe to allow traffic to pass), and/or another vehicle passing down the convoy travelling in the opposite direction has cleared the group.
    • Assist in highway lane changes at the discretion of the TL.
    • Watch for any hazards or problems with any of the vehicles of the group.
    • Provide the TL with information on vehicles in the convoy stopping. TEC STOPS with them.  Do not allow convoy vehicles to fall to the rear of TEC.
      • §  If ‘stop’ is only brief, TEC notifies the TL when stopped, and when travel is resumed.
      • §  If ‘stop’ is for mechanical or other problem, TEC notifies the TL and requests the convoy to stop, assesses situation and requests assistance as required.
    • Assist the TL at convoy stops and overnight camps to leave in a timely manner.  TEC is the last to leave every ‘stop’ and camp and has the responsibility to undertake a final check on ‘environmental impact’.
    • Advice via the radio, convoy vehicles leaving rest/scenic/lunch/fuel stops and overnight camps to maintain their designated convoy position according to the TL’s Trip List.
    • Provide the TL with an alternative Leader in cases such as:
      • the group is required to turn around i.e. locked gate or impassable route
      • the TL is required to split the group and use an alternative route
      • delayed departure
      • illness
      • injury
      • mechanical problems that leads to the TL withdrawing from the trip.
    • If any participant indicates by voice or action or attitude that they do not wish to, or are unable to follow the TL’s directions or rules, the TL/TEC has the responsibility and duty to remind that person of group safety.

At the end of the trip:

    • TEC assists the TL in returning the enveloped Personal Details Forms to the respective participants.

Taken from and original document by Rob Butterworth 

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