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On the tracks - Tips from the Range Rover Club of Victoria

These tips reflect our significant off-road experience and should help you make the most out of your 4WD trips. 
Eg - how to set up your car, what to take with you, what to watch out for on the tracks, and some basic off-road tips.

Victoria offers everything from gentle country runs through to seriously challenging tracks, where you will get likely stuck and might damage your car. So it's important to make sure you select a trip that fits your car and experience.

A lot of 4WD tracks are significantly influenced by weather and one that was easy one day can be difficult the next; so it's also important to always review your plans based on the track, weather, your car and your experience.

  • Pay particular attention to the Trek Standard and weather conditions.
  • Not all 4WD’s are created equal – make sure your car is suitable for the trek you’re on.
  • Always tell someone what you’re doing and where you’re going.
  • We found the tracks easy to follow but signposts disappear, and some can be difficult to spot.
  • A great way to follow the tracks was to plot the route on your phone before the start of the journey, there are many free GPS Topo map applications available for Android & iPhone.
  • Go with others, preferably a 4WD club. It’s more social and there’s help if required.
  • Don't be afraid to cancel and/or abandon if it doesn't feel right (better to be safe than sorry).

These tips are just to get this page started - it will be build into a more comprehensive list.

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