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Rock Around Tallarook - a geology themed 4WD trip

  • 2 Apr 2023
  • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Tallarook
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Date and time:  9:00am to 4:00pm Sunday 2nd April

Tallarook is not only a fun place to visit, it is also a site of significant geological interest. On this trip we will be visiting some of the geological features in and around the Tallarook State Forest highlighting the events over millions of year that created the plateau and its surrounding features. We will also see how geology affects 4WD tracks. 

The trip is based on Neil Phillip's booklet Geology of the Tallarook Plateau. I will endeavour to outline the geology to the best of my ability (noting that I am interested amateur not a professional geologist!).  We will be visiting some highlights of the plateau including Mount Hickey, Trawool reservoir, and (by permission of the Landowner) Warragul Rocks.

There will be a bit of (optional) bush-bashing for a short distance here and there to look at interesting geological features so bring stout boots and appropriate clothingThere will of course also be fun driving, great views, interesting flora and fauna, and good company. 

Description:   Please contact your trip leader if you are unsure of any of the following requirements for this trip.

Weather:  Weather may vary so please bring clothing, footwear suitable for the conditions and keep an eye on the weather forecast. 

Equipment:  Below are the recommended vehicle requirements.  If you are not sure if you vehicle is suitable for a trip, please have a chat with the trip leader.

Good off-road tyres (All Terrain, 60 profile recommended as a minimum), UHF radio (or one borrowed from the club), a well-maintained vehicle with low range (or equivalent), good ground clearance (200mm recommended as a minimum), recovery points, standard recovery gear including dampener, rated snatch strap and shackles, shovel.  Drivers must have completed the RRCV club training or equivalent. 

Additional Equipment required:   Morning tea and lunches will be in the bush each day – byo simple, “on the move” lunches and morning teas (byo thermos). There will be a bit of (optional) bush-bashing for a short distance here and there to look at interesting geological features so bring stout boots and appropriate clothing.

No camper trailers, or firearms.

Trip Standard:  

Easy-to-medium - Mostly easy gravel forest tracks with a few harder sections. We may have to change plans slightly in some sections in case of rain.

Fuel:  A full tank ex Broadford 

Distance:  Tallarook State Forest is approximately 110 km from Melbourne. The trip distance from Broadford is ~60km of mainly high range driving. There will be regular stops to look at geology, scenery and other features of interest. There will be a couple of chances to visit the loos at Freeman camp in the AM and PM.

Duration: 1 day

Convoy limit: 6 vehicles 

Meeting arrangements:  We will meet at the Memorial Park in Broadford and depart at 9.00am.  If you plan to get coffee beforehand then you will need to arrive a little earlier - there are cafes and bakeries nearby.  We will aim to finish about 4.00pm at Tallarook 

Club Guest Registration policy:  It is club policy in regard to insurance cover that if a member brings any non-members on the trip they must be registered and have paid the required fee as Temporary Members BEFORE the event. 
i.e.  non- members can no longer register on the day with the trip leader. 

Temporary Membership information and ways to register can be found at:

Temporary (Guest) Membership

Also if a non-member wishes to bring their own vehicle, the member inviting the non-member must contact the trip leader for approval to bring the vehicle. Such approval will take into account skills of the driver, suitability of the vehicle and whether or not a place within the convoy limit is available for a non-member's vehicle.

Trip Leaders: Sherry Mayo, phone 0439 009 663, Mark Bown phone 0437 251 645, email: Mark.Bown@csiro.au

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