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4WD Treks Close to Melbourne: Validation of trek 12 - Mt Strickland Tour

  • 24 Sep 2023
  • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Marysville, Narbethong
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4WD Treks Close to Melbourne: Validation of trek 12 - Mt Strickland Tour

Date and time:  9:00 am to 4:00 pm , Sunday 24th September

Description:   Please contact your trip leader if you are unsure of any of the following requirements for this trip.

Starting at Marysville where there is a selection of cafés to enjoy and an excellent playground for the kids, the trek proceeds southwards and climbs quickly.  On the right there will be the first of many views out towards rolling valleys. There’s a one-kilometre side trip to Keppel Lookout which affords a superb view of Marysville and surrounds. Along the track towards Mt Kitchener and Mt Strickland there are yet more stunning views.  The area has been logged which adds to the sense of openness.  This area was most affected by the bushfires in 2009 and there will be evidence of it for some time.

After crossing the bridge over the Acheron River, the route heads north along Acheron Way to meet with White Hill Track. White Hill Track provides an alternative route option to Narbethong. This short option provides sections where low range may be necessary, and in wet weather is suitable for vehicles with high clearance due to the ruts, before rejoining with the main route directions along Old Coach Road. Otherwise from White Hill Track the main route continues north to the junction with Old Coach Road and turns west to shortly meet with the alternative route option, before continuing west, cutting through the forest to end at the Black Spur Inn in Narbethong.

Weather:  There could be patches of frost and chances of fog in the morning.  The North Central Area can be sunny, vary in light to heavy winds.  Temperatures at this time of the year can vary from around 2̊ C with daytime temperatures reaching 19̊ C. Being an alpine environment, it could be potentially cold and wet. Check the weather before departure and bring appropriate clothing, footwear for the day, allowing for rain.

Equipment:  Below are the recommended vehicle requirements.  If you are not sure if you vehicle is suitable for a trip, please have a chat with the trip leader.

Good off-road tyres (All Terrain, 60 profile recommended as a minimum), UHF radio (or one borrowed from the club), a well-maintained vehicle with low range (or equivalent), good ground clearance (200mm recommended as a minimum), recovery points, standard recovery gear including dampener, rated snatch strap and shackles, shovel.  Drivers must have completed the RRCV club training or equivalent. 

Additional Equipment required Morning tea and lunches will be in the bush each day – byo simple, “on the move” lunches and morning teas (byo thermos).

No pets or firearms

Maps and Reference Material: 

The Rooftop Maps Marysville–Lake Eildon Adventure Map, shows most of the trek except for the section from Acheron Way to Narbethong, which is shown on the Rooftop Maps Toolangi–Black Range Adventure Map.

We used these two maps to cover the entire route.  Other maps covering the area include the Spatial Vision VicMap Book Central Region and the 1:50,000 Vicmap Mapsheet 8022-N McMahons Creek.

Trip Standard:  Easy/Medium. For the most part the route is along well maintained dirt roads. The medium route option is along White Hill Track, a flat track although it has numerous ruts which require high clearance. In wet conditions White Hill Track is slippery and the ruts fill with water.

Fuel:  a full tank at Marysville

Distance:  Approx. distance from Marysville is 28.8 Km‘s of mainly high range driving with a medium option in low range.

Duration: 1 Day

Convoy limit: 6 vehicles

Meeting arrangements:  We plan to meet in the main street of Marysville outside the Visitors Centre and depart at 9.00am sharp.  If you plan to get coffee beforehand, then you will need to arrive a little earlier.  We will aim to finish about 4.00pm at the Black Spur Inn in Narbethong.

Club Guest Registration policy:  It is club policy in regard to insurance cover that if a member brings any non-members on the trip they must be registered and have paid the required fee as Temporary Members BEFORE the event. 
i.e.  non- members can no longer register on the day with the trip leader. 

Temporary Membership information and ways to register can be found at:

Temporary (Guest) Membership

Also if a non-member wishes to bring their own vehicle, the member inviting the non-member must contact the trip leader for approval to bring the vehicle. Such approval will take into account skills of the driver, suitability of the vehicle and whether or not a place within the convoy limit is available for a non-member's vehicle.

Trip Leaders:

Luciano Cinel, Phone – 0418512319 , Email – luce.cinel@gamial.com

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