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4WD Treks Close to Melbourne: Validation of trek 1 - Brisbane Ranges

  • 1 Oct 2023
  • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Anakie, Bacchus Marsh
  • 3



4WD Treks Close to Melbourne: Validation of trek 1 - Brisbane Ranges

Date and time:  9:00 am to 4:00 pm, Sunday 1st October

Description:  Please contact your trip leader if you are unsure of any of the following requirements for this trip.

The purpose of this trip is to validate Trek 1: Brisbane Ranges from the book ‘4WD Treks Close to Melbourne’.  This means that the trip may run slower than normal whilst time is taken to check each part of the route and note updates needed on track comments.  This trip is a beautiful, winding drive through woody forest. The track covers hills, rocky gorges and scenic ridges.  Along the way there are some great views of Port Phillip Bay.  The Brisbane Ranges National Park is popular with campers and day-trippers alike.  Roads through the park are maintained and unsealed, making this trek an ideal first outing for those new to off roading or wishing to try out a new vehicle.

No matter how you choose to explore the park, the higher elevations provide you with some great chances to admire the views towards Geelong and Melbourne.

Weather:  Melbourne region in spring.  Could be sunny and mild, or cold and wet. Check the weather before departure and bring appropriate clothing, footwear for the day, allowing for rain.

Equipment:  Below are the recommended vehicle requirements.  If you are not sure if you vehicle is suitable for a trip, please have a chat with the trip leader.

A well-maintained 4WD/AWD vehicle with normal road tyres are OK for this trip (All Terrain tyres would be preferred), UHF radio (or one borrowed from the club).  Recovery gear is not mandatory, but if you have it, bring your standard recovery gear including, rated snatch strap, shackles and a shovel.

Meals:  We will be visiting listed picnic sites and campsites in the book where we will have our morning tea and lunch.

Coffee stops and lunch will be in the bush – byo simple lunches and morning teas (byo thermos).

No camper trailers, pets or firearms

Maps and Reference Material: 

Trip Standard:  Easy – Mainly gravel forestry roads.

Fuel:  a full tank ex Melbourne

Distance:  Approx. distance from 61.8 Km of mainly high range driving.

Duration: 1 day

Convoy limit: 10 vehicles

Meeting arrangements:  We will depart at 10 am from Bacchus Marsh from the front of Jimmy’s Fish Shop, 171 Main Street, Bacchus Marsh.  There are a number of nearby coffee shops. If you plan to get coffee beforehand then you will need to arrive a little earlier.  We will aim to finish about 4.00pm in Anakie

Trip Leader: Guy Stevens Phone – 0412 997 588 Email – guylaptop@gmail.com

Trek Manager: Simon van den Berg – 0424 544 297 Email - 5i.b3rg@gmail.com

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